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We are very excited to introduce Katie Van Camp, famous author of "Harry and Horsie" children's books!

Did you know David Letterman's son Harry was the inspiration for Katie's book "Harry and Horsie"?! Katie was actually the nanny for Harry Letterman in New York City and wrote the book based on the bedtime stories she would create about him and his best friend Horsie. Super cute adventures illustrated with retro-comic art, both "Harry and Horsie" and the sequel "CookieBot" are charming stories about the power of friendship and imagination. 

Click on the product list below to see Harry and Horsie and CookieBot!, as well as the adorable Horsie Doll and kids T-shirts!


Tokyo Urban Baby interview with Katie Van Camp at Daikanyama T-site, 16 Nov 2012

Katie reading Harry and Horsie to our babies:)

VIDEO: Tokyo Urban Baby interview with Katie Van Camp!

Fan made video of Harry and Horsie - cute images from the book!

Official Trailer for CookieBot! A Harry and Horsie Adventure

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