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Brand - Mimijumi Baby Bottles

Mimijumi Baby Bottle

Unique features of the Mimijumi:

- Natural, modern and stylish
- Perfect complement to breastfeeding or transition to bottle-feeding
- Created with input from designers, mothers, nurses, physicians, and lactation experts
- Breast-like, single piece nipple made with medical grade silicon to give skin texture
- No-slip bottom makes it easy to fill and assemble with one hand
- Wide bottle neck for mess free filling
- BPA and latex free
- Easy to clean

"Mimijumi" means "Mother Love" in Polynesian:)

When we found the Mimijumi in Jan 2013, I posted on Facebook to ask if any of our readers were interested in trying it out. To our delight we had lots of replies from eager mums and dads! Sachi and her baby Niko were the fastest though, so they got the first try!

Sachi explains:

“We would love to try the Mimijumi baby bottle with our son Niko. He is 5 months at the end of this month, and he is solely breastfed. We used to pump and feed him with 母乳相談室 and 母乳実感 formula from Pigeon, but he refuses to drink from them now. We were thinking about looking for other bottles to get him back on drinking from bottles, so I can send Niko off with grandparents some days. Trying out this bottle would be a perfect opportunity for us!”

Here is Sachi’s video footage of Niko and Mimijumi!

Click on the video below to see review by Tomoko!